Who’s Who

The charity is managed by a Board of Trustees. The charity is also a company with the trustees as directors.

Trustees of the charity are all unpaid volunteers and are responsible under both charity and company law.

The board has appointed staff to administer the day to day operations of the charity.

The board will always include a majority who are directly affected by haemochromatosis, in order to ensure focus on patient benefit. All bring their own particular expertise and experience, in addition to which they are supported by a group of respected medical advisers.

Board of Directors (Board of Trustees)

Dr Roseanna Brady
Ms Lisa Flude
Miss Katharine Hough
Mr Roger Keyte (Treasurer)
Mr Neil McClements
Dr Stuart McDonald
Ms Corrina Towers (Chair)
Mrs Michelle Weerasekera


Mr David Head MBA
Chief Executive
Mrs Gina Nall
Administrative Assistant
Ms Alison Joyce
Administrative Assistant
Mrs Debs Knight
Events Coordinator

Miss Tamana Gulati
Communications Officer

Medical and Scientific Advisers

Dr E. Fitzsimons
University of Glasgow
Dr. K. Robson
Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, Oxford
Professor R Evans
Brunel University, London
Dr Patrick Kiely
Consultant Rheumatologist, St George’s University Hospital, London

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