The Irish Connection

Genetic haemochromatosis (GH) is at its most prevalent among people of Irish heritage.

It is believed that the genetic flaws which lead to iron overload originated in Ireland with the Vikings. So prevalent among Irish people is the condition is that it is often referred to as “The Celtic Curse”. Although some people do not like the term, it does underline the prevalence and therefore the need for Irish people and their doctors to be aware of the condition.

Shamrock awareness

With the support of Irish construction company Toureen advertisements are being run in The Irish Post over the course of 2018 featuring the red shamrock and our contact details.

In 2018 we received funding from Breaking Down Barriers to run a pilot project aimed at making information available and accessible to people from Irish traveller communities. This group have traditionally found it difficult to access healthcare services.

In 2015 an interesting article was published by the BBC about the genealogy and this is still available at