World Haemochromatosis Week

World Haemochromatosis Week is an international awareness campaign backed by over a dozen national organisations including Haemochromatosis UK.

For 2018, World Haemochromatosis Week (WHW) has been designated as 04-10 June.

Every weekday this week we will be releasing a patient case study on video.

Our final case study, number 6, (Friday 08 June) is Moyra Levi … Moyra runs our North-West support group and is a long standing member of the charity:

Case study 5 (Thursday 07 June) is Mike Davis … take a look at his experience of dealing with a lengthy diagnostic process:

Case study 4 (Wednesday 06 June) is Mark Payne … take a look at his story of diagnosis and symptoms of iron overload:

Case study 3 (Tuesday 05 June) is Katharine Hough … take a look at how iron overload can affect a young person:

Case study 2 (Monday 04 June) is Marguerite Smith … take a look at how haemochromatosis has affected Marguerite and her 11 siblings:

Case study 1 (Saturday 02 June) is Howard Don … take a look and learn a little about the impact of iron overload:

This year, our activities include:

  • a launch event at our Patient Information Day in Liverpool on 02 June 2018
  • case studies and media releases each weekday of WHW
  • social media activity, frames, and case studies
  • release of a snappy video for online sharing
  • event stands at several locations in the North-West of England
  • production of a special WHW issue of our GH awareness poster
  • awareness packs of leaflets, wristbands and posters made freely available

More news about these activities and World Haemochromatosis Week here in the UK can be found on our news and event pages.


World Haemochromatosis Week