Bristol Patient Information Day Report

Date: Saturday 17th November 2018

Venue: Aztec Hotel. Aztec W, Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4TS

On Saturday 17 November 2018 Haemochromatosis UK (HUK) held a Patient Information Day (PID) which took place in Brstol, which had just over 50 attendees. PIDs are usually filled with talks featuring medical speakers, updates on the activities of Haemochromatosis UK and are an opportunity to meet and share experiences with other people affected by GH.

It was the first time HUK visited the area and the event was really well attended, with some delegates even travelling long distances to attend.

David Head, Chief Executive of Haemochromatosis UK opened the event by introducing the speakers. He closed the event by talking about the Patient Survey Report and the future of the organisation.

One of our trustees, Lisa Flude, was also in attendance and she loved the opportunity to meet and talk to attendees.

Our first speaker out of four was Dr Thomas Skibbe who spoke for us a number of years ago at a much smaller event. He was impressed by the development of the charity. In his presentation he explained the mechanisms of haemochromatosis and answered a number of audience questions.

The second speaker was Dr Anne McCune who spoke about the effect of haemochromatosis on the liver and the importance of liver care.

Next was our third speaker Nicola Jackson, a genetic counsellor from UH Bristol Clinical genetics team. She explained the genetic inheritance of GH and also brought a trainee along to the PID so they could learn more about the condition.

Our fourth and final speaker was Gerri Mortimore who spoke about the venesection process, the venesection best practice project and her own research at the University of Derby.

Overall, the talks and the event were successful and we received extremely positive feedback.

We are now looking forward to our next Patient Information Day, which is in Newcastle, on 16 February 2019. Tickets are now available for the Newcastle PID here.

The Haemochromatosis UK Annual Conference is takes place in Coventry, on Saturday 13 April 2019. Tickets are available here.

We hope to see many of you in Newcastle and at the Annual Conference, and do follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with future events.