East Midlands Patient Group Meeting

Northampton Hospital

The Cripps Education Centre is at Northampton Hospital

Patients and families were invited to a genetic haemochromatosis patient meeting at The Cripps Education Centre in Northampton on 19 November. The meeting was organised by the newly formed East Midlands GH Support Group.

Some 50 people took advantage of the opportunity to hear from Cristina Testa, a Specialist Dietitian from Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust, and David Head, Chief Executive at The Haemochromatosis Society.

Our keynote speaker Cristina gave a dietitians perspective on managing the absorption of iron in the body, with an excellent presentation focusing on getting things in perspective, and the importance of a balanced, healthy diet over and above trying to prevent iron absorption from food.

She advocated some common sense changes to diet such as

  • avoiding organ meat and offal
  • avoiding alcohol with food
  • avoiding vitamin C with food
  • taking tea and milk with meals to reduce absorption
  • enjoying the occasional glass of red wine
  • eating plenty of vegetables, pulses and fruit (avoiding high vitamin C fruits and drinks with meals)

Cristina also took a lengthy and very interesting, varied Q&A session. Diet is probably the subject on which the THS receives the most questions, so this was an important talk and we are pleased that Cristina gave permission for us to put her presentation here for patients to download.

Click to download >> Diet and Haemochromatosis
(c) Cristina Testa / The Haemochromatosis Society Nov 2016

David Head and Cristina Testa

David Head and Cristina Testa at the East Midlands meeting. Click for larger image

The meeting also heard from David Head, Chief Executive at The Haemochromatosis Society, who spoke about the work of the charity and again took questions.

Most importantly perhaps, the meeting was a chance for patients to talk to other people affected by genetic haemochromatosis and share stories and experiences.

Group organiser Geoffrey Smart can be contacted by email at eastmidlands@haemochromatosis.org.uk.