Article: The Haemochromatosis Society Facebook Support Group

Facebook logoFacebook is a great forum for providing GH patients with a degree of support and lots of information, or links to other good sources of information. It also enables people to talk about their experiences and share ideas … indeed many people in our group, we know, enjoy good friendships as well.

The Facebook GH Support Group is a free forum; it doesn’t cost anything to run apart from a little of the charity’s staff time in moderating the group or answering questions.

However the broader work of the charity – running a membership programme, delivering events, raising awareness, occasionally contributing to research programmes, providing materials, and so on – is all work that needs to be paid for.

Those of you that have joined the charity as paid-up members will know and understand the value of this work and our materials.

We Need Your Support

To those of you that are members of the Facebook support group, but who have not yet joined the society as paid up member, I would like to make a direct appeal for you to support us by doing so now. The annual membership fee contributes to the basic running costs of the society – the office rent, staff costs, producing materials, running the conference, and so on. Without membership, the charity would be nothing.

Your society’s plans for more activity to raise awareness and educate healthcare professionals and others needs your support. Not just financially, but also because we are much stronger as a patient voice if everyone gets behind us. Projects to educate pharmacists, lobby for screening, support local GH Support Groups, or improve understanding of GH amongst GPs are much, much more effective from an organisation that represents a large number of patients. Our aspirations are high – we want “GH” to be as recognised amongst the public as “MS” for example – and we want to drastically reduce the average age at which people are diagnosed. Early diagnosis saves lives.

However to make things happen we need you behind us.

It’s very easy to join us. Please visit the membership page at THIS LINK and complete the online application form. Membership is just £24 (£18 concessions) a year and includes a free copy of the excellent Haemochromatosis Handbook, a welcome pack of other information, and our regular magazines.

Thank you in anticipation of your support

David Head
Chief Executive
Updated September 2017

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