HUK to launch Haemochromatosis Heroes

Haemochromatosis Heroes to Launch in January

19 December 2018

Calling all every day heroes…

In January 2019 Haemochromatosis UK (HUK) are launching the Haemochromatosis Heroes, get involved in the New Year and make your #HeroPledge.

All wishing to take part will be able to set their own challenges, and pledge to HUK what they want to achieve. This could be as simple or as tough as you wish.

You can make a pledge in any or all of the three categories:

  • A physical goal, e.g. “I will walk to work every day for the next month”
  • A personal goal, e.g. “I will learn to speak French”, “I will learn an instrument”
  • A fundraising goal of £50 or more, e.g. “I will organise a school dress down day for HUK”

In January, you will be able to submit your pledge and make your challenge online. You could even use one of your New Year’s resolutions as your challenge. A £10 donation will be requested for the physical and personal challenges and HUK will promote the pledges if you would like them to do so.

Once the pledge is completed, you will receive a medal and a certificate. There are three medals to collect.

All of the HUK trustees are really excited to get involved and have already started thinking about their challenges and Haemochromatosis UK are excited to see what you make as your #HeroPledge.

Haemochromatosis Heroes will be a way for members, supporters, volunteers, and their families, friends and co-workers to get involved in fundraising for Haemochromatosis UK as well as taking on the challenges that will make them a hero!

More details will be coming soon, follow our social media to keep updated: Facebook, Twitter. Get involved using #HeroPledge