Annual Autumn Prize Draw

Mayor Sally Bragg draws THS raffle

Rugby Mayor Sally Bragg draws the 2016 THS raffle. Click for full size image.

Our annual Autumn Raffle is intended to:

  • raise funds for the charity to help fund our work*
  • raise awareness of the condition as we sell tickets

2017 Autumn Raffle

The 2017 Autumn raffle will be drawn on the 20th November 2017. There are fantastic prizes on offer including a Large HD TV, High street vouchers and much more.

The tickets are available now and a book will be sent out with the next newsletter. Extra books are available using the link at the bottom of the page. Selling the raffle tickets is a great way for our members to help us raise the funds we need to continue our work.

2016 Autumn Raffle

The draw for 2016 took place on Monday 21 November. Winners were drawn from nearly 5,000 entries by Cllr Mrs Sally Bragg, Mayor of Rugby, at the Town Hall (pictured here with David Head, Chief Executive at The Haemochromatosis Society).

Winners will be contacted shortly and then announced here.

Celcus-32-inch-LED-TV  Iron Man

Main prizes

  • Ticket 00157, Mr Gater, Wiltshire: 32″ flat screen HD-ready television
  • Ticket 19968, Mr Hitchcock, Herts: Signed photo of Iron Man Robert Downey Jr
  • Ticket 01145, Dr Palmer, Lancs: £50.00 Marks & Spencers voucher
  • Ticket 00699, Mr Perkins, Bath: Pair of Sarah Spencer cufflinks
  • Ticket 28361, Mr Connor, Surrey: Bottle of champagne

Consolation prizes

  • Ticket 10627, Mr Benzeval, Hampshire: Christmas mini-hamper
  • Ticket 14620, Ms Gallagher, Merseyside: Christmas mini-hamper
  • Ticket 11842, Mrs Curtis, Surrey, Copy of The Unintended Consequences of Iron Overload
  • Ticket 19642, Mr and Mrs Johnson, Gwent, Copy of The Unintended Consequences of Iron Overload
  • Ticket 05927, Ms Wilson, Beds: Blue-Ray film Iron Man


Number of tickets

When you buy tickets online your numbers will be emailed to you. If you would like us to post you the actual hard-copy tickets please tell us and we will do so of course.

The Small Print

The Haemochromatosis Society draw is registered with Rugby Borough Council.
The 2015 draw was made on Monday 16 November 2015 in Rugby, Warwickshire.
The 2016 draw will be made on Monday 21 November 2016 in Rugby, Warwickshire.
The 2017 draw will be made on Monday 27 November 2017 in Rugby, Warwickshire.
Proceeds after the cost of prizes, printing and distribution of tickets are allocated to the charity’s general funds.