Like any charity, we welcome supporters who are ready and willing to fundraise on our behalf.

Fundraising activities can be very wide ranging, from a traditional can shake through to organising a major event. Every fundraising activity has another big advantage too – it helps raise awareness of genetic haemochromatosis (GH) and our work to try and ensure people are diagnosed before damage is done as a result of iron overload.

Here are just a few ideas…

Collecting tinsOrganise a tin-shake

Approach a local supermarket, shopping mall, sports ground or event, to get permission to run a collection. We will then supply tins, tabards, banners and stickers. We may also be able to help with the recruitment of volunteers on the day.

Do make sure that you have the appropriate permissions, and you might also be asked about insurance. We have public liability insurance that covers tin collections and will provide a copy of the certificate if needed.

You will need to think about a rota, timings, a secure place for the money, the count-up, and doing a thank you to the supermarket afterwards. Call or email us for guidance.

Baked Bean BathGet sponsored

Always a traditional favourite, you could look to get involved in a challenge and raise money for the society by asking people to sponsor you. how about a local fun run? Or what about signing up for one of the well publicised races / runs that take place in all of our major cities? Not a runner – how about cycling or swimming? Or what about jumping out of an aeroplane!

We might be able to help secure places on the major marathons and half marathons in the UK and abroad. If this is of interest, please email us at

The Haemochromatosis Society will help you with publicity, t-shirts, sponsor forms, stickers and so on. It is also very easy to raise sponsorship for us online using Justgiving, which allows people to donate using a credit or debit card and collects gift aid on our behalf. Justgiving is very efficient for the charity as well as being very secure.

Pub quiz signOrganise an event

If you are a born organiser, you could organise a fundraising event for The Haemochromatosis Society. This could be anything from a family tea party through to a major concert.

We do ask that you let us know about your plans. This is so that we can make sure you are safe and insured, and also so that we can help with materials and publicity.

Here are a few event ideas to get you started …

  • Horse racing night using videos
  • Family tea or garden party
  • Concert with local bands in a pub or village hall
  • Quiz night in your local pub
  • Bridge or chess tournament
  • Sponsored walk around a local park or reservoir
  • School non-uniform day
  • Dress down Friday at work
  • Cake stall at a local fete
  • Golf competition
  • Neighbourhood garage sale
  • … and many more

Boss desk signTalk to your boss

Many companies have schemes to support charities, and will often prefer to support charities nominated by staff. If you can put the charity forward to receive corporate donations or other support please do talk to your managers (or think about us if it is your company or you are the manager!).

Talk to us too, we can arrange for one of our trustees or our Chief Executive, or an experienced volunteer, to talk to your company or staff about haemochromatosis or about our work.

hands upTake part in HS fundraising events

Watch out for news on this site about events organised by the charity in the future.

We will be looking for people to take on challenges or buy tickets for events. We may also need volunteers to help us organise things from time to time. By joining the charity and subscribing to our newsletters and email bulletins you can make sure you are kept up to date with these opportunities.