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Genetic disorders UK is offering organisations who support for families affected by genetic disorders, the opportunity to share the Jeans for Genes Day brand.

Jeans for Genes Day raises funds from school children and employees who wear their jeans to school and work in exchange for a small donation.

Under the 50/50 income share scheme, The Haemochromatosis Society will be given half of the proceeds from a Jeans for Genes Day event provided the school or workplace has been encouraged to take part by one of our supporters.Partnershipnetworklogo-JPG

Jeans for Genes Day is Friday 22nd September 2017

All you/ your organisation has to do is select The Haemochromatosis Society at the bottom of the Jeans for Genes Day registration page.

Before signing up supporters must check that the school or workplace has not held a Jeans for Genes Day in 2014, 2015 or 2016. If they have done, the school or workplace cannot be recruited as part of this scheme.

After making sure that the school or workplace has not held a Jeans for Genes Day in the last three years, you can arrange to meet with the head teacher or management (or you could send a letter or email. sample letter for schools or sample letter for workplace ) and explain that you are supporting an initiative to fundraise for The Haemochromatosis Society and that if the school or workplace held a Jeans for Genes Day, half of the money raised would go to THS

Provided the head or manager agrees you can move forward to registration.

To ensure that this school or workplace is linked to THS, you/ the school/ the workplace must choose The Haemochromatosis Society from the list of affiliated partners at the bottom of the registrations page when going to the Jeans for Genes Day SIGN UP page.


Once registered, the school/organisation will be flagged on the Jeans for Genes Day database as an organisation that was recruited by The Haemochromatosis Society. This means that the system will automatically allocate 50% of the income raised by this organisation to THS.

Please let us know if your school or organisation has signed up to hold a Jeans for Genes Day.

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