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Dr Dave Das, Gastroenterologist, is one of our medical advisers and a highly respected expert on GH. Dr Das supports us with a regular donation. “I’m delighted to support the charity in this way”, says Dr Das, “it’s critical that we all work together to raise awareness of iron overload and improve the information that is available to people who are being diagnosed. It’s no exaggeration to say that if the charity can do more, lives will be saved through earlier diagnosis.”

Our materials, events and projects are made possible through the kind support of our donors; did you know that we do not receive any funds from the Department of Health or other government body?

As we continue to grow and become more influential, we need voluntary financial support to grow too.

Please consider becoming one of our Friends Against Iron Overload by making a monthly charitable donation to The Haemochromatosis Society. We have so much work to do – and we need your support to make it happen (of course, if you are already one of our friends, thank you very much indeed).

It is such a simple and easy thing to do to donate a few pounds a month, but with lots of us contributing it can and does make a huge difference to the work of the charity. Over 170 people have become Friends Against Iron Overload and because of this we have been able to start new projects that will raise awareness of haemochromatosis, reduce suffering and save lives.

Please help to further strengthen our work by joining those who have already become Friends Against Iron Overload; and remember – it genuinely makes a difference.

You can do this very easily. The simplest way – and the best way for the charity too – is to sign up online. Just click on this link to become a Friend Against Iron Overload (FAIO).

 James Minter Book.If you prefer, you can telephone the office on 03030 401101 with your details and bank account number and sort code.

Once everything is set up, we will send you a welcome pack including:

  • an exclusive FAIO pin badge
  • a FREE copy of James Minter’s novel The Unintended Consequences Of Iron Overload (pictured)
  • recent updates
  • wristband

Plus in future you will also receive:

  • regular updates on our work
  • priority invitations to events
  • exclusive FAIO events

My heartfelt thanks in advance for your generosity and support.

Howard Don
Trustee and Chairman
The Haemochromatosis Society

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