Haemochromatosis UK announces Senior Staff Change

Haemochromatosis UK (HUK) has announced to its members that there will be a senior staff change at the organisation. The charity will be appointing a new Chief Executive in the coming months, with existing Chief Executive David Head moving to an Operations Executive role.

David writes a letter to all members and supporters of HUK, commenting on this announcement.

David Head, Chief Executive at HUK

Dear Members and Supporters

Working for Haemochromatosis UK and taking the charity from the “dining room table” to a professional and influential organisation has been a privilege and thoroughly gratifying. Over the years we have become increasingly successful and with that the role of Chief Executive has grown and grown. So much so, that it became evident last year that we needed to create a second role to allow us to take advantage of the opportunities we are creating.

Many of you would have heard me refer to GH as a can of worms waiting to be opened, as far as the NHS, NICE, the media, and generally across our healthcare agendas. I believe we have done that, and now we need to resource the organisation properly to deal with the interest in our cause, and to use the influence we have built.

Having a Chief Executive and an Operations Executive working alongside each other is the best possible way forward for the charity, it gives us an essential balance between running the organisation and using the organisation to achieve our goals.

I’m very pleased that we have reached this exciting stage in our development, and very much looking forward to being a part of it.


Corrina Towers, Chair of Trustees at Haemochromatosis UK also comments:

“The senior management changes we are making put us in a strong position to best support patients and advocate change that improves all aspects of living with iron overload; from earlier diagnosis, managing symptoms, timely treatment and beyond. We have great foundations to build upon and David had been instrumental in laying these for us. The board and I are delighted that David will continue to play a major role in the organisation, as he leads the incredibly important operational side of what we do. I trust our members will join us in making a new CEO very welcome and I’m sure it will be no time at all before he/she knows all about our condition and our important work and is able to contribute to this.”



Haemochromatosis/GH is a genetic disorder causing the body to absorb excessive iron from the diet. Characterised by joint pain and disease, chronic fatigue and weakness, cognitive and psychological difficulties, sexual health issues, skin problems, abnormal liver function, diabetes, and cardiomyopathy. Iron overload can be fatal. It is usually easily treated if diagnosed early.

If you believe you have haemochromatosis or any other condition, please talk to your GP.