Haemochromatosis UK appoints new trustee

Haemochromatosis UK is very pleased to announce an addition to our board with the appointment of new trustee Mrs Michelle Weerasekera.

Michelle was diagnosed with haemochromatosis by chance and was given the details of Haemochromatosis UK by her consultant.

She says, “The information provided proved invaluable to both myself and my family in understanding more fully the condition and the future prognosis. I had been suffering with chronic fatigue for over a year before diagnosis and my GP had presumed I was anaemic and had prescribed folic acid. It was some time later after a medical for insurance that I noticed that my blood results were still out of the normal parameters and I went back to the GP and he then ran a ferritin test and sent me to see a Hematologist as my results were high.”

She adds, “I therefore know first-hand the difficulty in diagnosing the condition. I understand how important it is to educate professionals, particularly GP’s and the public about the condition. The cost to the patients and the NHS in not achieving an early diagnosis is immeasurable, so more needs to be done.”

David Head, Chief Executive at the charity, welcomed the news saying, “Having met Michelle, her very keen interest in the work that Haemochromatosis UK does was immediately apparent. I have no doubt that she believes in the vision of the board and the charity and has the commitment to improve the lives of people diagnosed with haemochromatosis”.

Michelle says, “I fully support the strategies in place by the Board and hope I will bring dedication and passion to the role of trustee.”

Michelle’s appointment will be ratified by members at the AGM in April and will then be for a term of three years initially.