Lisa and Meg’s Big Tour: Trustee Walks 1,000 Miles For THS

The Haemochromatosis Society’s trustee Lisa Flude is undertaking a massive 1,000 mile walk, along with her dog Meg, to explore the midlands and north of the UK and to raise funds for the society, Air Ambulance charities, and The Dogs’ Trust.

Lisa left from her home in Cardigan in West Wales on 01 April 2017 and is walking to Skye via North Wales, Leicestershire, Derby Dales, The Lakes, Trossachs and Ben Nevis and all the wonderful places in between. She is now half way through her journey and still going strong.

Lisa was diagnosed with GH 4 years ago and soon became frustrated with the lack of awareness and the rather ad-hoc treatment plan offered. She joined the board last year and is proactive in raising the profile of GH across the country. “On my walk I plan to tell whoever will listen about iron overload, spread awareness and raise some funds too!”, she said.

Lisa and Meg

Lisa and Meg are walking 1,000 miles for THS. Click for full size image

Lisa explains “Meg was a rescue 5 years ago and we think she is about 6 years old. When we had her she had been abandoned and had patchy fur where she had been lying rough and was quite undernourished but it was clear from the offset that her soft affectionate temperament had remained intact and we fell in love with her. Anyone who has had rescue dogs will understand the very special bond that forms between you and Meg is my shadow.

“For the walk Meg has been in training! I have gradually upped the miles over the previous few months but she is used to doing around 4 miles a day anyway. We plan to do 5 to 7 miles a day with plenty of rest stops and the vet has assured me she can do that ‘twice over’ so Meg will be the pace setter, if she wants to do 7 miles we shall but if she is tiring then we shall have some rest days too. I hope to complete by the end of August but shall carry on if we have to.”

“Please follow us on our journey. I love Meg to bits but her communication is limited and its going to be lonely out there. I shall be posting our location on our Facebook and would love some company if you and your dog would like to join us on our walk for the day … for a donation of course!

You can follow their journey on Facebook at

“I have a donation link at and any pennies you can spare would be awesome and we thank you. This is a crazy challenge for me and my dog so I’m hoping to raise enough money and to have enough chats along the way about GH to make all the aches and pains worthwhile.”