Marathon Runners Hit £20k Mark

Members of Team Iron Overload – the stars that ran The Virgin London Marathon for The Haemochromatosis Society – have reached a total fundraising income of £20,000, with donations still coming in, gift aid to claim, and some pledged monies still expected to add significantly to this total over the next few weeks.

The team of 9 athletes all completed the VLM circuit on April 24th and were welcomed back to a reception run by the charity in collaboration with The British Liver Trust, who also fielded a strong team.

For THS, our fastest runner was Tom Caulfield who was running the event in memory of his father who passed away last year as a result of haemochromatosis. Thomas had been determined to achieve under 3 hours and came in at 2 hours and 55 minutes, arriving before we had prepared the photo set up and sandwiches!

“My father was on my shoulder the whole race”, he said.

Board member Paul Hirons was also a member of the team, demonstrating a great commitment to the organisation as well as achieving a long held personal ambition to complete the course.

All of the team are pictured below celebrating with their medals; clicking on the images enables you to see and to download the full picture in each case.


Georgie 5 Georgie 4 Georgie 3
Georgie 2 Georgie 1


Paul 1 Paul 2
Paul 3 Paul 4


Mark 1 Mark 2 Mark 3
Mark 8 Mark 9 Mark 10
Mark 11


Lara 1 Lara 2 Lara 3
Lara 4 Lara 5 Lara 6




Keli 1 Keli 2
Keli 3 Keli 4


Thomas 1 Thomas 2
Thomas 3 Thomas 4


Geoff 3 Geoff 4
Geoff 5 Geoff 6


Stuart 1 Stuart 2 Stuart 3
Stuart 4 Stuart 5