New treatment for iron overload on trial

The main treatment for haemochromatosis is venesection, and while this represents a safe and effective treatment, the practicalities and immediate side effects can be difficult for patients to deal with. There has long been an interest in developing other ways of treating iron overload and now they may be one step closer.

A new trial is being led by a University of Queensland researcher, Professor Darrell Crawford. The study involves using synthetic Hepcidin to regulate iron absorption, which could prove to be a way of managing haemochromatosis without the need for maintenance venesections.  More details of the study can be found here

Similar trails are being conducted elsewhere, for example La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company are currently trailing their formulation of synthetic human hepcidin, ‘Ljpc-401’. More Info >> 

These studies represent a potentially important development in the treatment of haemochromatosis, however it should be noted that the research is in it’s early stages and the benefits of a drug treatment are not yet clear