Training for Pharmacists

Boots logoThe Haemochromatosis Society, working with Boots UK Pharmacists, has developed and produced a training guide to genetic haemochromatosis (GH). This is now one of Boots UK training modules for their pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

Philip Tordoff, Clinical Governance Manager at Boots UK comments; “It is fantastic to work with a specialist organisation like The Haemochromatosis Society to create professional training modules that are accessible to our healthcare professionals, who continually seek to develop their capability in order to make a huge difference to people’s lives.

Laura Parker, 31, who has been diagnosed as having GH comments; “I went to the Doctor about six months ago because I had a constant sore knee. They ran some blood tests and I was diagnosed as having Genetic Haemochromatosis.  It was the first known case in my family, and as a result, my immediate relatives started to get tested. Now my brother has also been identified as having the condition even more severely than me and the rest of the family are being checked out. It is really reassuring to know that healthcare professionals in the local pharmacy are aware of the condition and able to discuss the condition with me.”

The training material is being made freely available by the society and by Boots UK to other pharmacists and pharmacy chains, and can be downloaded using the image below

Left click the image to open the file in a new window.

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The document is also available in hard copy on request by emailing

Pharmacy training, click for pdf file

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Published December 2015