Scientific research into iron overload and its treatment is ongoing worldwide. The society has a small research budget, which the trustees apply after consulting our scientific advisers, to support research in the UK.

The Haemochromatosis Patient Survey 2017

A new major piece of research is currently being carried out by The Haemochromatosis Society. The Haemochromatosis Patient Survey looks into patient symptoms, links to other conditions, treatment pathways, genetics, and lots more. Anyone who is affected or who has the genetic mutations that can cause iron overload can take part. More information about the survey can be found here.

Scientific research into iron overload and its treatment is ongoing worldwide. The society has a small research budget, which the trustees apply after consulting our scientific advisers, to support research in the UK.

Academic research papers are written primarily for professionals and are not always easy reading for lay persons. However an up to date listing of recent papers can be found through Google Scholar using this link >>

Lego figures denoting researchThe Society works with the scientific community to support research into genetic haemochromatosis, and provides grants to tackle basic scientific, treatment or social issues that affect patients with haemochromatosis.

Grants to fund projects that investigate the prevalence and penetrance of haemochromatosis will also be considered.

Applying for a grant

Grant proposals are accepted at anytime from researchers working in recognised institutions in the UK.  Suitable applications progress to peer-review and a decision as to whether to fund a project is made at the earliest possible quarterly board meeting.

Approval by our scientific advisers and strong recommendations from peer review does not in itself guarantee approval. Trustees will also consider the availability of finance and alignment with the charity’s strategic objectives.

Researchers can apply for a grant using the application from which is available to download below. You must also download and read the terms and conditions of any grant we agree.

>> Download Haemochromatosis Grant Application Form (April 2015) (.docx)
>> Download Terms and Conditions for the Awarding of Research Grants (April 2015) (.pdf)

Contact details

Applications should be submitted by email to

Preliminary enquiries about potential projects, questions about the grant process and enquiries about the progress of any particular application should be directed to the same email address.

Please note that the charity relies on the goodwill of eminent scientists and clinicians who provide advice and guidance on a purely pro-bono basis and therefore responses may not be immediate.

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