September fundraising success

1 October 2018

The month of September was a fundraising success as many of our supporters raised funds for Haemochromatosis UK and awareness of the genetic condition.

Kevin Kane was diagnosed with genetic haemochromatosis in June 2017 after visiting the GP about seemingly unconnected symptoms. After consultations and venesections he is now in maintenance. This year took on the challenge to form a team to take part in the Great Scottish Run and raise awareness of the condition and fund raise for HUK.

Team Iron Overload

His team of fourteen other members ran 10k on 30 September 2018 dressed as Iron Man, truly becoming #TeamIronOverload. They managed to raise £1411 in the process.

In the time that Kevin spent fundraising and preparing for the run, he was also featured in print on the front page of the local newspaper the Kilsyth Chronical and online on Cumbernauld News and Third Force News. A great moment of raising awareness about haemochromatosis.

Another fundraising success was the 674 mile bike ride completed by six friends: Steve Christie, Christian Webber, Mark Reece, Pete Wallington, Mark Holmes and Rich Cook – the Mad Men 2 Munich

Jenny Lees with part of ‘Team Bogie’

Riding from Exeter to Munich, the friends decided to raise funds and awareness in memory of Jason ‘Bogie’ Cloke, who passed away due to haemochromatosis at 42 in 2010.  Jason’s mother Jenny Lees drove a mini bus, donated kindly by Exeter City Football Club, with other volunteers alongside the young men to support them on their journey. Exeter City FC also provided excellent coverage of the fundraiser and haemochromatosis.

The six friends rode tirelessly and in Germany they firstly visited Jason’s grave in Kirchheim to pay their respects and then rode their bikes to Munich in time for Oktoberfest to celebrate with a beer. They have raise £10,504.97 for their efforts.

Thank you to the Mad Men 2 Munich, Kevin Kane and his team and all those that have donated to their fundraising campaigns. To keep up to date with our fundraising activities, like and follow us Facebook and Twitter.



Haemochromatosis: Excess iron stored in the body can cause organ damage, mental health problems, joint disease, diabetes and other issues. Iron overload can be fatal. It is usually easily treated if diagnosed early.

If you believe you have haemochromatosis or any other condition, please talk to your GP.