Society Appoints New Treasurer Trustee

Roger KeyteThe Haemochromatosis Society has appointed member Roger Keyte as a new trustee and as treasurer of the charity.

The appointment comes after Kit Farrow stood down as trustee and acting treasurer in 2016. Roger has been involved with the UK society since 2014. He is affected by haemochromatosis himself, and is also an experienced businessman, accountant and charity worker.

He is currently working with two other UK charities in senior voluntary finance posts.

Chairman Howard Don said “We have been operating for quite sometime without an official treasurer because we have felt it very important to find someone with the right qualifications, financial experience, and charity experience. To find all that in someone who is also affected by GH and so understands exactly why we do what we do is the perfect combination. I am very sure Roger will be an active trustee who will make a real difference to the management of the charity.”

Roger was also instrumental in leading the South African Haemochromatosis Society from 2005 to 2014, but has since moved back to the UK and now lives with his wife in the West Midlands.

“I am delighted to be able to contribute to the work of an organisation so close to my heart”, he said”.

Members will have an opportunity to meet Roger at our 2017 conference and AGM on Saturday 01 April.