Society Joins “Work For Good” Making Company Giving Simpler

The Haemochromatosis Society has subscribed to new commercial / company giving facilitators Work For Good (WFG).

Work For Good

Many companies, especially small to medium businesses, find it difficult or bureaucratic to give to charities that they may wish to support.

‘Work for Good’ is a new digital platform which overcomes this challenge, as it enable businesses to make donations easily and efficiently by taking care of the legal and compliance aspects of donating, so that the business and its employees can focus on how they would like to raise money and how much they’d like to donate.

“We regularly hear from charities that they used to turn away a significant number of approaches from businesses due to the rules surrounding Commercial Participation and the need for a Commercial Participation Agreement (CPA)”, say Work For Good. “This is no longer a problem, as our platform takes away this issue for businesses making it easy and effortless to combine working with doing good by donating to charity.

“The advantage to any business, large or small, in donating to a charity like The Haemochromatosis Society via Work For Good (WFG) is that the CPA is created between the charity and business without them having to sign anything bilaterally. The innovative solution also takes care of the risk of HMRC charging the charity VAT on a donation.”

Neither businesses or charities are currently charged for joining WFG, which has been set up as a social enterprise.

Other advantages for businesses donating to charity through WFG include.

  • It’s an easy way to support multiple charities
  • Can strengthen client relationships old and new
  • Engages with staff
  • Easy to build a corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme
  • WGF logo/mark demonstrates a company’s socially responsible values.

Currently WFG are incentivising businesses to join the scheme by making an additional donation to a charity of choice when a new business partner makes its first charitable donation through the platform.

“I’d encourage any THS member who runs a business, or can influence the directors of a business, to get the company signed up to the WFG scheme”, said David Head, Chief Executive at the society. “It’s efficient and free of charge, and for each new business joining WFG are kindly donating an additional £50 to a nominated charity when the first business donation is made, which means that we at The Haemochromatosis Society can benefit in two ways right from the beginning.”

For more information about how to take advantage of the scheme email David at