Society Training Material Secures Major Endorsement

RPS endorsed logo

Training material produced by The Haemochromatosis Society in partnership with Boots Pharmacies has now been fully endorsed by The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS), certifying the training to be of high quality and at a CPD level suitable for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

The literature was originally produced in late 2015 and amended/updated slightly in mid 2017. The RPS endorsement was confirmed in August.

Pharmacists have an important role to play in the “patient pathway” for people affected by genetic haemochromatosis, because often patients with the early symptoms will seek advice from a pharmacist. For example, pharmacy staff are often consulted about fatigue, joint pain, hair loss, stress and sexual health problems.

The material is now incorporated into Boots Pharmacies CPD staff training, and other chains have expressed an interest in adopting it. David Head, Chief Executive at The Haemochromatosis Society, said “We are very proud to have worked with Boots on this training material and to have produced material of such high quality that we were able to secure endorsement by The Royal Pharmaceutical Society. It is so important that pharmacists understand how GH presents and this will help us reach the major pharmacy chains as well as independent pharmacies across the UK”

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