Bristol Patient Information Day Report

Date: Saturday 17th November 2018 Venue: Aztec Hotel. Aztec W, Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4TS On Saturday 17 November 2018 Haemochromatosis UK (HUK) held a Patient Information Day (PID) which took place in Brstol, which had just over 50 attendees. PIDs are usually filled with talks featuring medical speakers, updates on the activities of Haemochromatosis UK and are an opportunity to meet and share (Read more…)

Report launches at House of Commons on 31 October 2018

Media Release Thursday 1 November 2018 On Wednesday 31 October 2018, Haemochromatosis UK launched successfully the report, “LIVING WITH THE IMPACT OF IRON OVERLOAD: Report from a large survey of people with haemochromatosis” at The House of Commons, Member’s Dining Room. The event was attended by senior clinicians, eminent professors, scientists, senior members of NHS trusts, relevant charities and organisations, (Read more…)