The Annual Big Rusty Quiz

This December sees the return of the Big Rusty Quiz! With a new set of questions and now available to download for free, it’s easier than ever to organise your own quiz night on behalf of Haemochromatosis UK. You can still order a pack from us if you don’t have printing facilities, just call 03030 401101

A quiz night is great for bringing people together, having fun, raising funds and awareness for Haemochromatosis UK.

Your event can be big or small depending on how much time you have. Why not make your Christmas do a Big Rusty Quiz Night?

Download our Quiz Pack 2018 and answer sheet here or if you’re a quiz whizz feel free to create your own questions.

How to make your quiz night a great success.

  • Choose a venue with enough tables and chairs for everyone. Your home, a school or parish hall could be great, or book out a section of a local pub.
  • You’ll need to find a confident quiz master to read out the questions.
  • It’s useful if you can get a small group of helpers, usually willing family and friends to help you to set up your venue, collect and count the money with you, and clean up afterwards.
  • Charge an entry price per team and limit team sizes to 4, 5 or 6 people.
  • Consider providing a small prize for first place, a bottle of wine or box of chocolates will usually be sufficient. You may be able to get a local business to donate a prize. If you are quizzing at a pub, why not ask the bar to provide the prizes.
  • Provide food or drink in return for extra donations if you can.
  • It’s important to promote your event well. Get your friends and family involved in recruiting teams. You could also put up the Rusty Quiz posters or put a notice in your parish newsletter/ local Facebook groups.
  • You could run a raffle alongside the quiz.
  • Email photos of your event to so we can see what you’ve been up to!