GH Challengers Conquer Snowdon Hike

SnowdonOn Saturday 21 July a group of over 40 hikers – #teamironoverload – took part in The GH Challenge 2018, overcoming humid fog, heat and rocky terrain to reach the summit of Mount Snowdon in North Wales. Mount Snowdon is the highest point in Wales at 1,085m (3,560ft).

This was the third GH Challenge, previous trips having been made along the length of Hadrian’s Wall and to the peak of Ben Nevis.

This year #teamironoverload included several children and family groups.

Our intrepid adventurers hiked for about 8 hours in total using the infamous Llanberis Path. This roughly follows the route of the Victorian Railway that was built in the 1890’s. For the majority of the climb and descent the group were walking through low cloud and fog. This did mean there were no spectacular views for most of the walk, but on the other hand it also meant that they were spared the effects of the recent heatwave.

“I think many of us would have struggled if the sun and temperatures had been as they were last week”, said David Head, Chief Executive and one of the hikers, “but the cooler temperature meant that the vast majority of the group made it to the top and achieved the challenge”.

Snowdon team picture

Near the summit the group also had to contend with 650 fell-runners taking part in the Snowdon International Race. Debs Knight, Haemochromatosis UK Event Coordinator and another one of the climbers said “The fell runners are amazing. It took us nearly eight hours to get up and down the mountain and yet the fastest runner did it in an hour and six minutes. It was quite an experience seeing them all come by and the crowd certainly added to our challenge day.”

Nicky MercerThe GH Challenge has raised several thousand pounds to support our work (as we write this the finances have yet to be finalised). We are very grateful to and impressed by everyone that took part. Top fundraiser at the time of the climb was Nicky Mercer (pictured here at the top) who receives a bottle of bubbly with our grateful thanks.

The events team at Haemochroamtosis UK is in the process of planning the 2019 Challenge. Watch out on The GH Challenge page, our Facebook page and the HUK Twitter feed for details as they emerge and links to become part of the team.