The Haemochromatosis Handbook 5th Edition

5th Edition HandbookThe GH “bible”, known more properly as The Haemochromatosis Handbook,  has been updated and refreshed, with the publication of the 5th Edition.

The new edition of the handbook includes extensive new chapters on the genetics of haemochromatosis and the impact of iron overload on the heart.

In addition, the two new chapters are being reproduced in the December issue of The Haemochromatosis Society members’ magazine, in order that members with older editions of the handbook are updated.

David Head, Chief Executive at The Haemochromatosis Society, said “I am very grateful to Dr Kathryn Robson at The Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine at Oxford University for updating the book with respect to genetics; her field has advanced significantly in recent years. Also, Robert Hall at Cardiomyopathy UK has been very supportive, providing excellent material about iron overload cardiomyopathy.”

A free copy of The Haemochromatosis Handbook is given to new members of the society with their joining pack. The book is also available to purchase.

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