The Haemochromatosis Society enters into talks with the Royal College of GPs to develop an online training resource.

We are very excited to announce that we have begun discussions with the Royal College of General Practitioners to develop an online training resource about haemochromatosis for GPs.

As part of their ongoing training GP’s must earn CPD (continued professional development) points to continue practising. One way that GPs can earn CPD points is through online learning modules produced by the Royal College of General Practitioners.  There are currently over 70 eLearning courses developed by the eLearning team at the RCGP, to support GPs professional development and revalidation. You can get an idea of the current modules at

We will be working in conjunction with RCGP to have a module about Genetic Haemochromatosis added. The module will cover the diagnosis and care of Genetic Haemochromatosis.

RCGP eLearning courses computer-1149148_1920go through a peer-review process and quality assurance check to ensure they are of the highest quality. They are very popular with GPs as they can be done around their busy schedules and therefore a fantastic way of disseminating information to front line health care professionals. It is estimated that an eLearning module from RCGPs could reach up to 55000 GPs and as many as 27000 other health care professionals.

We are working towards securing the funding for this project. The development process is lengthy and complex and therefore comes at considerable cost, however this project signals a huge step forward in the education of doctors about haemochromatosis and should lead to better diagnosis and treatment in the future.