THS to adopt new working name

Chief Executive David Head has announced that over the course of coming weeks The Haemochromatosis Society will be adopting a new working name, Haemochromatosis UK.

The move follows lengthy consideration by the board of many alternatives, culminating in the announcement which was made at the 2018 conference on 14 April.

“Trustees have been modernising the organisation in many ways”, said David, ” and this is a natural extension of that process. The concept of a society as a closed membership group is slightly jarring with our intention to be seen as a modern, campaigning, high profile and indeed internationally influential organisation and active charity working for the public good”.

New logo draft

The Haemochromatosis Society will remain unchanged in structure, and will retain the same legal name. However members and our online users will see Haemochromatosis UK adopted quite quickly and it will be registered with The Charity Commission as a working name.

“This will be a gradual process over the next few weeks”, continued David, “That way we can use all of our existing stocks of materials and avoid undue waste and undue costs. We will also be retaining the classic +Fe logo,Ā  colours and branding; there is simply no need for us to change those things that are working so well for us.”

The Haemochromatosis UK team will be working hard to get our website, social media, and other online presences updated with the new name in time for World Haemochromatosis Week which is to be launched on 02 June.