Why do we organise the GH challenge?

The GH challenge is our biggest annual fundraising event. It runs every year in the summer, for 2018 a group of 50 GH patients and supporters will be hiking up and back down Snowdon. The group is made up of a wide range of people all with different abilities and reasons for joining in. We have families, experienced walkers, newly diagnosed and long time patients. This variety highlights how haemochromatosis affects many different people around the country and how just how important the work of Haemochromatosis UK is.


We run the fundraiser in the form of a challenge because it gives people an opportunity to do something they would not usually do, meet other people with GH and in some cases get back lost confidence in their health and physical abilities. Another very important aspect of sponsored events is the opportunity it gives participants to speak to friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances about haemochromatosis when asking for support.

The funds raised by our wonderful supporters are essential to us. We need events such as the GH challenge to continue to run the charity. Funds raised by these sort of events allow us to:

  • Run the helpline and website, giving people vital information and support when they need it most.
  • Produce the information leaflets for hospitals and patients.
  • Run subsidised patient information days to help people manage their condition more effectively.
  • Provide training and the online forum for venesection teams around the country.
  • Spread vital awareness and work for better rates of early diagnosis.

If you have found the work of the charity beneficial please consider supporting us. You could sponsor one of our GH challenge participants (See links below) I’m sure your contribution would mean alot to them or alternatievely you could make a donation.

We hope to grow the challenge year on year and get more people involved. This year we’re going to turn the top of Snowdon ‘rusty’, we’d love to here your suggestions about where our next stop should be!