Why do we need membership?




As well as a charity, we are a membership organisation.
But why do we need members?


The annual membership fee contributes to the basic running costs of the society, enables us to run the website and allows us to produce the information booklets we send out. Without membership, the charity would not be able to provide any of the support and information that we do, including the Facebook group.

However, there is an even more important reason to become a member. By joining us you add your patient voice to our campaign.
We are working hard to improve early diagnosis, we want prevent the unnecessary loss of family and friends from what should be a perfectly treatable disorder. Improvements have been made but we still hear about far too many deaths due to missed or late diagnosis. The bigger we are as an organisation the louder we can shout about awareness.

We also want to improve patient care. This year we are providing a study day for your venesection nurses and online training for your GP’s. These projects together with supporting new research and campaigning for a better patient pathway means we have the opportunity to make real changes to the experience of all haemochromatosis patients.

We are much stronger as a patient organisation if everyone gets behind us. Our work to improve the system is much more effective when the organisation represents a large number of patients. Our aspirations are high – we want “GH” to be as recognised amongst the public as “MS” for example – and we want to drastically reduce the average age at which people are diagnosed. We want patients to receive high quality care and be well informed and looked after in all areas of the country.

To make things happen we need you behind us.

We’ve made it even easier to become part of THS. Please visit the membership page here and complete the online  form. Membership is just £24, equivalent to just £2 a month (£18 concessions) and includes a free copy of the excellent Haemochromatosis Handbook, a welcome pack of other information, and our magazine three times a year.


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