World Haemochromatosis Week 2018 – The stats are in

2018 is the first year we have taken part in the international awareness event, ‘World haemochromatosis Week’. WHW officially ran 4-10th June but we decided to launch early at our Liverpool Patient information day on the 2nd June. As 2018 was the inaugural year we did not know quite what to expect in terms of activity and reach but we have been very happy with the results and we expect to be able to build on these figures year on year.

Our social media channels have proven to be an excellent platform for raising awareness. Over the course of WHW the number of people who saw content from our Facebook page was an amazing 60214 unique users, over the course of 28 days (taking into account the week before and after WHW that also saw increased awareness activities) the figure is 95153
Our short awareness video was viewed 33144 times and was ‘served’ to 79937 people. Our post launching our WHW frame was viewed 7262 times and the frame was used by 542 people, reaching all of their Facebook friends. 

Moving away from social media we sent out 134 National Lottery funded awareness packs and distributed a further 30 packs at our Liverpool event. We sent out 750 temporary tattoos, 195 Haemochromatosis UK t-shirts and 700 wristbands. We also distributed 2000 awareness leaflets. The map shows the areas we sent packs to, giving a visual representation of the coverage the awareness packs achieved.

Our staff and volunteers travelled the country to run and attend awareness events, be interviewed and give presentations. Our supporters also ran their own awareness events in workplaces, schools and libraries. Either using their packs or other materials they had requested, they were able to set up displays and stalls to chat to people about haemochromatosis and make them aware of the symptoms. We know of 12 member run events over WHW, we would love to hear about any more.