Educating patients, families, and health professionals.

Lego figures depicting educationEarly Diagnosis Saves Lives is our mantra. Early diagnosis enables people affected by iron overload to take up treatment before too much damage occurs. We need to ensure that medical professionals, patients, families and policy-makers know about the condition so that we can drive down the average age of diagnosis.

By educating those people that can influence the ‘patient pathway’ from early symptoms – or even earlier based on family history – to testing and diagnosis and beyond, we know that this is possible.

This section of our website tells you about our education programme.

Follow these links to see how we can help.

the_haemochromatosis_society_icon Information for GPs
The basics that GPs should know about haemochromatosis
the_haemochromatosis_society_icon CPD accredited events for healthcare professionals
Opportunities to learn in a professional setting
the_haemochromatosis_society_icon Accredited training for pharmacists and pharmacy staff
Training material accredited by The Royal Pharmaceutical Society
the_haemochromatosis_society_icon The Genetic Haemochromatosis Patients’ Conference
Annual high quality conference held in a major UK city each year
the_haemochromatosis_society_icon The Haemochromatosis Handbook
The definitive guide for patients and professionals; now in its 5th edition
the_haemochromatosis_society_icon Patient Information Days (PIDs)
Mini-conferences held throughout the year across the UK
the_haemochromatosis_society_icon Advanced reading and links
Scientific level reading that may help