Become a Friend Against Iron Overload

Please consider becoming a Friend Against Iron Overload by making a monthly donation to Haemochromatosis UK. We have so much work to do – and we need your help to make it happen.

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We Need Your Help 

“Sometimes we need the ear of someone who will listen carefully to our concerns and questions. It’s immensely valuable when that person is a calm, empathetic, well-informed, and reliable source of information. HUK helpline volunteers provide exactly this and I have been impressed with their dedication and commitment. Becoming a Friend Against Iron Overload can help us to fund this important service.” Dr Roseanna Brady, Health Psychologist and Trustee and Clinical Advisor Haemochromatosis UK

Our support services such as The Haemochromatosis Helpline are made possible through the kind support of our donors; did you know that we do not receive any funds from the Department of Health or other government body?

It is such a simple and easy thing to do to donate a few pounds a month, but with lots of us contributing it makes a huge difference to the work of the charity. Many patients have become Friends Against Iron Overload and because of this we have been able to deliver our helpline and other support services.

Please help to further strengthen our work by joining those who have already become Friends Against Iron Overload; it genuinely makes a difference.

You can do this very easily. The simplest and easiest way is to sign up online by clicking here >> Friends Against Iron Overload

Once everything is set up, we will send you a welcome pack including:

  • an exclusive FAIO pin badge and trolley key
  • recent updates
  • wristband

Plus in future you will also receive:

  • regular updates on our work
  • priority invitations to events
  • exclusive FAIO events

Our heartfelt thanks for your generosity and support.

>> To become a Friend Against Iron Overload online, click HERE

>> To download the paper form to print and post click HERE