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This charity was created and is run as a patient organisation. If you are affected, we want to provide the support and information you need, when you need it.

This is especially true at the time of diagnosis or early in treatment. There are so many questions to be answered.

Follow these links to see how we can help.

the_haemochromatosis_society_icon Online information about genetic haemochromatosis
Follow this link to learn all about GH
the_haemochromatosis_society_icon Groups and meetings
Opportunities to meet other patients
the_haemochromatosis_society_icon The Haemochromatosis Helpline
Trained volunteers answer questions and provide support
the_haemochromatosis_society_icon The Genetic Haemochromatosis Patients’ Conference
Annual high quality conference held in a major UK city each year
the_haemochromatosis_society_icon The Haemochromatosis Handbook
The definitive guide for patients; now in its 5th edition
the_haemochromatosis_society_icon Social Media
Join thousands of patients in our online support group, and more
the_haemochromatosis_society_icon Patient Information Days (PIDs)
Mini-conferences held throughout the year across the UK
the_haemochromatosis_society_icon Resources
Videos, audio, booklets, articles, links and much more
the_haemochromatosis_society_icon Membership
Joining as a member : supporting us supporting you
the_haemochromatosis_society_icon Reading and links
Links to other organisations and articles that can help